The 42 Campus is an open campus designed to be accessible and inclusive. It invites creativity, experimentation and artistic creations. Inaugurated in Paris in 2013, its very architecture embodies our fundamental values.


Offering the best

Everything is ready and at your disposal at 42. You don’t need to bring your own hardware. The building is designed so students can work in the best possible environment. The entire campus and environment is designed with open spaces supporting contact, exchange and mutual aid among members of the community at all times.

More than 800 iMacs

A bold choice, driven by several factors: the low energy consumption of these computers, their modularity for development, their toughness and their beauty. The iMac rooms, or 42’s “Clusters,” are immediately recognizable and they’re often used in the media, on film and TV.


No surprise here: we care deeply about our internet connection! All  students benefit from the best connection there is thanks to a dedicated fiber network providing wifi all over the campus. 42 also possesses a direct link to its 10GB/s datacenter.

The server room

Eight servers for private calculation, as well as 2 servers for storage (2x20To SSD) are visible as soon as you enter 42. Each student is offered 5Gb of personal space in order to store their personal files.

Urban museum

Visit Art 42, the permanent exhibition

Contrary to popular belief, coding is also about being open-minded, informed, curious, even able to find beauty in a line of code. In short, code can be art! This is why 42 welcomes Art42, the first street art museum in France that gathers 50 artists and more than 150 artworks displayed over 4000m2. Fully integrated into the curriculum, whether it’s on the walls or in the Clusters, these pieces bring a contemporary touch to the work environment. They celebrate the work of famous street artists. The collection turns over so students keep on discovering new work and artists. The Art42 museum is curated by the Artistik Rezo association. 


How to get to 42?

Geek Culture

What’s the name of the 42 Campus in Paris?

The Heart of Code! This name comes from the “Heart of Gold,” the spaceship in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (or H2G2 for short). This is not the only name borrowed from science fiction and fantasy you’ll find on the campus. Clusters are called Metropolis, Westeros and Tatooine. The outside space is called Diagon Alley (le Chemin de Traverse in French), the auditorium is called the Holodeck and the core space inside the building is of course called… Middle Earth (Terre du Milieu in French)!