An unrivaled concept

At 42, we believe in differentiation and inclusivity. The education model focuses on project-based learning and teamwork, rather than theoretical education. As we integrate the latest educational innovations, our goal is to empower the next leading generation of IT talent.

Our vision

To train you today for the jobs of tomorrow

Since its creation in 2013, 42 has always been committed to offering the best IT training to the most people. Our unique position in the world of higher education is based on strong values: inclusivity, open culture, tuition-free, and always aiming at excellence. The ultimate goal is sustainable professional integration into the labor market.

Our values

Taking a stand for a better future

42 The Network

An ever-expanding global network

42 gives everyone a chance to receive excellent training in promising trades around the world. Since 2019, after the success of 42 in Paris and other locations, the ambition of 42 is to develop the largest global network of innovative tuition-free IT schools that are accessible to all. Each campus ties strong links with local ecosystems to offer students the 42 pedagogy everywhere, all the time.

Geek culture

Why 42?

In Douglas Adams’ book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – H2G2 for short – an advanced alien species builds a super computer. It has only one job: to find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. After 7 million years of calculation, the computer finds the answer: 42. In geek culture, 42 often represents the answer to a seemingly insuperable problem. This is why 42 is called 42. This is our answer to what IT education should be today and in the future.