42 Start-Up Club

Start a business while studying at 42 or after graduating, and enjoy the exclusive opportunities and benefits that our close-knit community has to offer.

42 Start-Up Club

42's Entrepreneurs Club

The 42 Start-up Club is a community dedicated to those who keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive at 42, both during their training and after, as Alumni. It unites all those who want to start their own business as well as those who already are working for successful start-ups and scale-ups. By uniting these inspiring individuals, 42 Start-up Club allows its members to benefit from the strength of a passionate close-knit community where every member can help out and assist each other thanks to their experience and goodwill.

42 Start-Up Club in numbers

Already 65 Start-ups who have benefited from 42’s incubation programme at Station F

More than 100 42 Start-up Club member companies

+150M€ of funds raised by Start-ups between 2020 and 2022

Station F

42's incubation programme at Station F

42 Start-up Club also gives access to 42’s incubation programme at Station F. This program aims to help 42’s most promising start-ups during their launch and early development phases. Projects are selected from within 42’s student and alumni community. Start-ups are then offered to be part of a 6-months incubation programme.


Workshops, conferences & OH organised on a regular basis, according to different start-ups’ needs.


Access to different investors from 42’s own network in order for each start-up to be able to find the funds it requires.

Mentoring & guidance

All start-ups have access to a dedicated mentor, and otherwise have counselling sessions throughout the programme.

Pitch sessions

Live pitches in front of industry insiders and investors. Demo-Day at 42 when every batch comes to a close.


Following the same model as 42’s training methods, start-ups get the opportunity to learn through peer-learning sessions.

Station F

Start-ups have the unique opportunity to be part of Station F’s buzzing ecosystem and community.

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The 42 Start-up Club is the community of 42 people who keep the start-up spirit alive, during their training or afterwards, as Alumni.

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