Apprenticeship tax and donations

This page contains information for companies willing to collaborate with the 42 Campus in Paris: learning tax and donations.

Apprenticeship tax

  • Apprenticeship tax 2022
    0.68% of gross payroll 2021

  • The « 13 % » or « Tax balance »[1]
    42 is entitled to receive 100% of the “13%”.
    This direct payment to the school must be made
    before May 31, 2022.

[1] The “Tax Balance” represents 13% of the apprenticeship tax.
42 can receive 100% of this balance. This contribution gives companies the opportunity to support the training institution that is important to them.

Support 42 projects with the payment of the balance of your apprenticeship tax (the “13%”). Choosing 42 as the recipient of all or a part of  your apprenticeship tax will help us continue offering our unique, inclusive and tuition-free IT training. Your future collaborators may already study at 42 or plan to do so.

The apprenticeship tax helps support training through its actions throughout the year. 42 sets up events and conferences promoting human values such as diversity and inclusion, but also coaching, workshops and conferences with various companies and big names in IT, all with only one goal in mind: to offer  students the best chances for professional integration in the world of today and tomorrow.

Your company can directly pay the “13%” (calculated on the Gross Payroll of 2020) without going through an intermediary. The payment can be made with a simple bank transfer, specifying that this is an apprenticeship tax payment and communicating the business’s or the association’s SIRET number as well as contact information.

Get the banking information of Association 42 to wire the payment of your apprenticeship tax.

We will get in touch with you and give you a payment certificate once the payment is completed.


As a non-profit association of general interest, 42 can receive private donations from individuals and companies. These donations help you strengthen your image with students, whether through financing pedagogical infrastructures or contributing to the operating costs of the training and the campus.

For individuals, donations are 66% deductible from income tax, with a limit of 20% of taxable income. For companies, any contribution is deductible from corporate income tax up to 60% within the limit of 5% of the company’s turnover (according to Art. 238bis of the French Tax Code).

Contact us at so we can help you with your donation. You can also go on HelloAsso, the first French crowd-funding platform dedicated to French organizations.

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