Forty2: the off-site campus

With Forty2, 42 Paris offers additional premises in the natural setting of the Isle of Oléron. In this complementary place to the main campus creativity and innovation flourish, giving life to unique projects, whether for work or leisure.


Forty2, the citadel of code

With Forty2, 42 Paris is offering a new learning experience: learning IT like you’re at a summer camp.


Forty2, a new additional premise for 42 Paris, is situated in an idyllic natural setting: Oléron (Charente-Maritime). Positioned at the north-eastern tip of the island, Forty2 is at the heart of an exceptional natural area, surrounded by a forest and 200 metres away from the beach. It has a clear view of Fort Boyard, the historic monument that serves as the backdrop for the eponymous game show.


Forty2 is located on the historic Fort des Saumonards site. It has been completely refurbished and adapted to the demands of student life at 42, with open spaces dedicated to computer training, a dormitory, a canteen and communal areas. Its modular configuration means it can host large-scale events.


What to do at Forty2?

With Forty2, 42 Paris is offering a new learning environment. The place is designed to be an enriching, unique and stimulating experience. It is reserved primarily for 42 students, whether they want to work together on a project, make progress away from the hustle and bustle of the Paris campus, or hold a large-scale event. The on-site facilities make Forty2 a living space in its own right.

Student events

Studious or festive get-togethers, for a day, a weekend or more.

Off-site Piscines

Go to the Piscine in the morning, swim in the sea in the afternoon.

Code discovery courses

Take a break with IT and never let go.

Solo too

Students can book their week to enjoy some time alone at Forty2.

Learning holidays

With Forty2, you can combine days off at the seaside with days on the computer.

Space rental

For professionals only: contact us.

A little history

Forty2's origins

Before Forty2, there was the Fort des Saumonards. Its construction began in 1810 at Napoleon’s instigation to fortify France’s naval defences and complement Fort Boyard. Completed in 1818, it was quickly overtaken by military advances and was decommissioned at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years, it served as a penal colony, a squat and even a holiday camp. In 2018, 42 acquired Fort des Saumonards, marking the beginning of a new chapter in its history as Forty2.


Forty2 on the Isle of Oléron