The associations

Whether that is to learn about entrepreneurship, dive deeper into a computer domain or raise voices for a cause, 42 prides itself in its culture of associations and support.


This association advocates for respect and benevolence in the tech industry and fights against any kind of discrimination. 

☥Coders (Ankhcoders)

Stimulating creativity and supporting collective intelligence through thinking, sharing and meetings.

42 Blockchain

An association for blockchain enthusiasts that allows each member to develop personal projects and organizes workshops supporting the sharing of knowledge.

42 Paris’s Junior

The 42’s Junior Entreprise helps consolidate the skills acquired through remunerated missions.


Supports sporting activities outside school, allowing students to train, practice and take part in competitions.


To support artificial intelligence enthusiasts, 42AI sets up conferences, workshops, competitions and dedicated bootcamps.


To support diversity and social inclusion in tech education and the industry.


This association is linked to the Lab Elec, 42’s electronic laboratory, to help discover another side of computer science.


Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit is welcome at 42Entrepreneurs. The association aims to help and support anyone willing to found a startup.


Do you need a little warm-up to climb mountains? 42Escalade is a climbing club that proposes initiations and climbing sessions inside and out. 


42Green is committed to environmental causes in association with 42 Alumni, so that ecology becomes a natural reaction.


Besides encouraging a critical look at the use of computers, 42L advocates open-source software, ethics and digital freedom at 42 and beyond.


Create new tracks, alone or in a band… Every week, 42Music organizes events and parties with the help of the student council.


A student association dedicated to self-defense and various sporting activities.


A student association for airsoft enthusiasts. It lends protections and replicas to its unequipped members who wish to participate in monthly games.

Association Sans Nom

Focused on hacking practice, the ASN works to study, improve, discover and correct security breaches in open-source software.

Slice And Dice

Dedicated to the promotion of board, miniature and role playing games, Slice And Dice is all about setting up good gaming sessions and gathering players around a table.


To enrich the lives of our students, STUD 42 manages and sells goodies on the campus.

Students council

The students council organizes extracurricular activities by organizing trips, orientation weekends, parties and cultural events within 42 and beyond. Students are elected every year after a relentless campaign.