IT and information system expert

Certified title in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) level 7 (RNCP 35078). This training program is only offered as a sandwich course.

Training objectives

The certification responds to an important demand from the IT sector in terms of recruitment. The sector presents many understaffed jobs hence, several opportunities for development. Today, companies are looking for expert profiles for positions as developers, system and network consultants, technical experts or information security managers. The “IT and information systems expert” certification enables us to meet this demand by training professionals in these high-demand professions. Depending on the organization of the company that employs them, IT and information systems experts generally work in one or more technical fields: systems, networks, security, telecommunications and databases. Their role evolves from a technological and IT dimension to a strategic dimension including the elaboration of the information systems evolution strategy. These people need managerial skills that enable them to manage internal or external teams in order to successfully complete the projects they are in charge of.

Every 42 training course is based on the same principles.

This page presents the specificities of the “IT architecture expert” course.


From 18 years old, after admission at 42 (succeeding in online games, checking-in and passing the Piscine) and after achieving the “common-core syllabus” in 42.

Training course

After a prior internship of 4 to 6 months, there are two ways to keep this training:

  • With two years of apprenticeship following level 12
  • With one year of apprenticeship following level 16

The CFA informs of the availability of these indicators on the dissemination site.

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